Rebeca Binda

The Doce River is pictured at dawn. The riparian forest margins the river. On the background, a mountain complements the landscape
A bearded man gazes the sky. He wears a brown hat, sky blue shirt while standing in front of a dark background
A commercial heavy-duty truck drives down a road surrounded by mountains and native forest. On the background, the blue sky draws attention to a mountaintop removal mining noticed on the mountainous region
A woman stands on top of a mound of dry toxic mud, where she used to live before the Fundão dam collapse. She holds a painting showing what her town used to look like before the disaster. She wears a pink shirt that states: "collect moments, not things".
A light coloured church is marked by a straight rust-red line that was left by the mudflow unleashed with the Fundão dam collapse in 2015. Festive red, blue and white decorative flags tied to the church mark a traditional celebration
A woman stands on the contaminated land she used to plant crops. She casts a shadow on the ground.
A brown horse is lying dead in a stream of water in Paracatu, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The landscape is covered in dry grass with a mountain on the background
A woman wears a green and yellow patterned dress while she steps with her sandals in the contaminated water of the Doce River
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